Frequently Asked Qestions (FAQs)

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about our products and services.

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We encourage our clients to contact us directly for a free consultation. For this purpose, you can send us your message via our website. Alternatively , you will have the options to either call us directly on the phone, or send us an email. Our experienced consultants will always assist you gladly, without any obligations, and advise you on how to go ahead for the next steps, if you are really interested to use our services.
In order to give you an accurate quote, one of our qualified consultants needs to visit your property to evaluate all the existing conditions, measure the area of your wall, and discuss everything with you about your requests and expectations. When you contact us by sending a message via our website or an email directly, we will give you a phone call, as soon as possible, to arrange an appointment for our consultant to visit your site.
Once you receive a quote as an official invoice from us, you will have the options to either accept or reject our proposal. If you agree with your project costs, you may want to pay your invoice through one of our accepted payment methods. This way, you will have an official deal with us, and your project will be started immediately.
The total duration needed for a project to be done from A to Z is dependent on the project size as well as many other factors such as the probable need for strengthening the existing wall, and the availability of all the main perquisites such as the water and power supplies, drainage point, sufficient ambient lighting, etc. However, as a rough estimation and in average, all our design, engineering, procurement, and installation services may last between 7 to 20 days totally.
We accept all the major credit cards/debit cards including American Express, MasterCard Visa, Visa Debit, and PayPal. We accept wire transfer as well. If you are a Canadian customer, you can also pay by money order or check. Please note that the payments made by money order, check or wire transfer must be prepaid for one year.
Due to the subjective nature of our services, we unfortunately can’t offer any refunds. However, if you are not satisficed with a part of our installation services, or if anything else is needed to be done by our installation team, please let us know, and we would be happy to send them back to finish up those tasks.
We have two major types of guarantee as below: (1) Property Protection Guarantee: When our installation team work on a living wall project at your property, we ensure that everything you have within your property is protected. In the rare occurrence where something within your property is damaged, we will be responsible to repair it. We always use floor covers for the area of around your living wall, and we do our best to clean up that area after our installation services are finished; and (2) Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Our installation team will not use tobacco products or profanity while working on your property. They will courteously address any questions or concerns you have, and treat you with respect. All our installation team members are upstanding persons with the legal right to work in Canada.
Our warranty policy assures our clients that should a problem occur during the warranty period, our services are protected against any defects in material or workmanship when they are correctly executed according to the standard instructions for the duration of the stated warranty period. The warranty begins on the date our services are delivered to the client. Once the warranty period has begun, it cannot be stopped or interrupted. We reserve the right to deny any and all warranty claims for parts, labor, or miscellaneous charges when errors are found or warranty provisions are abused or fraudulent claims are submitted.


Each plant has some special requirements and critical needs. So, the first important issue is to choose various plant species having the same special requirements and critical needs within a living wall. Secondly, the plant species used for indoor projects are different from those used for outdoors. Therefore, based on the huge experiences we have gained during the years on this very important field, we will advise you on choosing the right plant species based on the specific conditions of your project as well as your personal interests and favorites.
Based on your personal interests and favorites, you will have three main options for your project concerning its performance system which include "non-smart", "smart" and "full-smart" living wall systems. Furthermore, based on the the availability of the main perquisites of irrigation & nutrition system, e.g. water supply, drainage point, etc., at your property, you will have an "open" or a "closed" irrigation & nutrition system.
Our non-smart living wall system is a lightweight hydroponic living wall, having a multi-layered structure in which the plant species can grow throughout a hydroponic skin, in a water based, nutrient rich solution by the support of an inert medium such as perlite, rockwool, clay pellets, peat moss, or vermiculite. In this system, irrigation and nutrition of plant species are done manually without using any smart system. Alternatively, it is also possible to automate the irrigation part only, if there is water supply available at the site. However, nutrition of plant species must still be done manually in this case.
Our smart living wall system has all the details and specifications used in the non-smart living wall system concerning the whole structure of the living wall, plus an extra feature by which it is possible for the user to send irrigation, nutrition, and lighting orders to the living wall via our Higreenwall Smart Controller by manual setting of the mentioned orders on our Higreenwall App.
Our full-smart living wall system has all the details and specifications used in the non-smart and smart living wall systems concerning the whole structure of the living wall, as well as all the features used in the smart living wall system, e.g. sending the irrigation, nutrition, and lighting orders to the living wall via our Higreenwall Smart Controller+ using our Higreenwall App+, plus three extra specific features: (1) In our full-smart system, it is possible for the user to receive several regular reports from the living wall regarding the actual amounts of irrigation, nutrition, and lighting, with the help of various sensors embedded within the hydroponic skin; and (2) Our full-smart system uses Machine Learning (ML), as a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, to continuously monitor the latest condition of the living wall based on the data collected by the sensors, self-learn the user’s habits based on his/her previous orders, automatically reset the orders, and send them to the living wall via Higreenwall Smart Controller+; and (3) In our full-smart system, Higreenwall App+ receives the signals of any probable problems related to electricity outage and/or water leakage from Higreenwall Smart Controller+, and alerts them to the user through SMS and/or push notifications.
If you choose to have a living wall with an "open" irrigation & nutrition system, then you have to prepare several main perquisites such as the water and power supplies, a suitable drainage point, as well as sufficient ambient lighting. In case, you cannot prepare a suitable drainage point for your living wall, then we have to consider a "closed" irrigation & nutrition system. In addition, for any living wall system, your location must have sufficient ambient lighting. However, if there is insufficient ambient lighting at the location of your living wall, then we have to simulate the sun light for your plant species by the use of some lighting projectors.
After finalizing the installation process, and training you on how to use and control your living wall system, we start our initial maintenance services for free during the first period of 1-3 months including one visit per month. Once the 1-3 months period of the initial maintenance services is finished, you may decide to extend our maintenance services for a longer period of time, e.g. 6 or 12 months, by signing a regular maintenance contract with us. In such a case, we will take care of everything for you, and there will be no reason for you to be wondering about the maintenance operations of your living wall.
No, you don't have to necessarily continue with us for our regular maintenance services. This is fully up to you, and you may decide to do it by yourself. Don't worry! If you decide not to continue with us, we will fully train you on how to maintain your living wall by yourself.
In case of occurring any probable problem during the maintenance period, you will let us know the issue by calling on the phone, and we will send our maintenance team to your location, as soon as possible, to investigate and solve the problem. If we find out that the problem has been occurred due to any reasons covered by our warranty policy, then you have to pay nothing for such services.