Our "Procurement" services are to prepare the plant species, based on the final layout obtained during the "Design" services, as well as the required raw materials, determined during the "Engineering" services; while our "Installation" services refer to several structural, electrical, and mechanical tasks which are going to be executed based on the implementation drawings, as well as cultivation of the designed plant species.

Our Procurement Services

Our procurement services comprise of preparing all the needed plant species as well as all the required raw materials including, but not limited to the galvanized profiles, PVC panels, screws, glue, high-tensile-strength geotextile layers, growth medium, lighting projectors (if needed), irrigation & nutrition pipes, nutrition solution tank, floater, electric valve(s), dosing pump(s), drippers, and smart controller, as well as the sensors monitoring the amounts of moisture, nutrients, temperature, and lighting. In order to prepare all the above requirements, we always work only with our fully trusted partners from a pre-qualified vendor list we have prepared based on our previous experiences as well as the long-term collaborations we have had with them. Actually, we have been examining various suppliers and their products since the start of our business, and only some of them have been successful to pass and satisfy our strict and rigorous requirements in various aspects. In fact, our trusted partners include several reputable suppliers who have been producing the highest quality of products within their own fields of activity since many years ago. It is worth mentioning that we have previously purchased and stored a considerable amount of almost all the above requirements, except the plant species which must be prepared as fresh as possible from our partner plant nurseries, exactly at the time of cultivation. Although, at the present time, we purchase all our needed plant species from our partner plant nurseries, we are going to open our own plant nursery in the near future, and grow all the needed plant species by ourselves.

Our Procurement Schedule

1- Raw Materials Procurement: 0.5-1 Day;

2- Plant Species Procurement: 0.5-1 Day.

Total Duration Of Procurement Services: 1-2 Days

Our Installation Services

Before the installation process, we first strengthen your existing wall, if it has been evaluated to have an insufficient bearing capacity against the loads applied by addition of the living wall on it. During the installation process, we install several elements including, but not limited to (1) The galvanized jambs, which are used as a base structure to support your living wall on the existing wall, (2) The PVC waterproofing panels, (3) The hydroponic three-layered skin prepared using the high-tensile-strength geotextile layers, (4) The galvanized gutter used for drainage of output water and nutrient solution, (5) The lighting system, i.e. the lighting projectors, only for the indoor projects having insufficient ambient lighting, (6) The irrigation & nutrition system including the irrigation & nutrition pipes, nutrition solution tank, floater, electric valve(s), dosing pump(s), drippers, etc., and (7) The smart system including the smart controller connecting to the Higreenwall App as well as the sensors monitoring and collecting the actual amounts of moisture, nutrients, temperature, and lighting. Finally, we cultivate the plant species using a growth medium inside the pockets cut within the last layer of geotextile. Before leaving your project site, our installation team will train you on how to control your smart living wall, and describe all the options you have for its maintenance. If you would like to have a maintenance contract with us, we will take care of everything for you. Otherwise, don't worry! We will help you to fully learn how to accomplish all the maintenance operations on your smart living wall system by yourself.

Our Installation Schedule

1- Existing Wall Strengthening (if needed): 0-2 Days;

2- Structural Elements Installation: 0.5-2 Days;

3- Electrical Elements Installation: 0.5-1 Day;

4- Mechanical Elements Installation: 0.5-2 Days.

5- Plant Species Cultivation: 0.5-2 Days.

Total Duration Of Installation Services: 2-9 Days