We have worked on an innovative feature by attaching a food waste recycler, producing home-made fertilizer, to our current smart and full-smart living wall systems, to eliminate the need for throwing food wastes, and to help the environment to be clean and free of wastes, and to prepare rich nutrients for the plant species planted on our living wall systems. We called this environmentally-friendly feature as "Feed-Me" Recycling Box in which the recycled food wastes, turned into home-made fertilizer, can be used directly by the plant species as rich nutrients. For this purpose, we investigated and studied this subject for 2 years, and we sent our findings to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2020 to be considered and patented for us. It is worth mentioning that our invention entitled “Green Wall with Potential to Utilize Domestic Waste” was accepted to be published under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) of WIPO with the number PCT/IB2020/052491.

Our Invention

"Domestic waste transportation for recycling purpose is faced with many issues and is non-cost effective. At the same time, waste transportation requires to use plastics that in turn exacerbates non-renewable waste. But if waste can be recycled and used in-situ simultaneously, it will alleviate many issues and costs. In the present invention, it was tried to utilize both wet and dry domestic waste, in the cultivation and maintenance of plants growing on green wall construction. The user dumps his/her domestic waste into a special box embedded on the wall and the device converts the waste into fertilizer and transfers it to the wall through the irrigation system."