Our Company Overview

Higreenwall Inc., as a Canadian Federal corporation based in Ontario, provides its clients with the design, procurement, installation, and maintenance of non-smart, smart, and full-smart living wall systems both indoors and outdoors. Due to the high costs associated with the land occupation within the urban areas, we decided to actively start creating vertical gardens instead. In 2016, we started working on hydroponic living wall systems, as the most modern method of design and installation of living walls all around the world, to help the owners of residential and commercial properties, architects, and builders to easily use our living wall systems. Since that time, we have been able to design and install several small to large scale projects for various clients. In 2020, our invention, entitled "Green Wall With Potential To Utilize Domestic Waste", was accepted to be published under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) with the number PCT/IB2020/052491.

Our Story

Before Moving To Canada

We have been working since 2016 as the designer and installer of several small to large scale non-smart, smart, and full-smart living wall systems both indoors and outdoors within the Middle East. At the beginning, we started designing and installing only non-smart living walls in which irrigation and nutrition of plant species are done manually without any smart system. Afterwards, we developed our smart living wall system in which the irrigation, nutrition and lighting orders are sent to the living wall via our Higreenwall Smart Controller by manual setting of the orders on our Higreenwall App. Later, we developed our full-smart system having all the features of the smart one plus some extra features to receive regular reports from the living wall using various sensors embedded within the system, to continuously monitor the latest condition of the system based on the data collected by the sensors, self-learn the user’s habits based on his/her previous orders, automatically reset the orders, and send them to the living wall via our upgraded Smart Controller+, by the use of Machine Learning (ML), as a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and to receive signals of any probable problems related to electricity outage and/or water leakage, and alert them to the user by the help of our upgraded Higreenwall App+. Our daily effort has always been to continuously improve our products by examining several innovative ideas, conducting various researches, and using state-of-the-art technologies.
About Us

After Moving To Canada

In 2020, we decided to move our business to Canada. So, we incorporated our Canadian Federal corporation, i.e. Higreenwall Inc., and started running it within Ontario province as a Start-Up company to be active in the design, installation, and maintenance of non-smart, smart, and full-smart living wall systems. In order to be familiar with the Canadian business ecosystem, "Spark Commercialization and Innovation Centre" helped us a lot. So far, we have successfully designed and installed a couple of smart living walls in Canada.

Our Mission & Vision

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individuals, i.e. owners of any residential and commercial properties, and businesses, i.e. architects, builders, etc., with the best quality services of design, installation, and maintenance of non-smart, smart, and full-smart living walls, and to help the community enjoying from the beautiful decorations as well as the other benefits such as better air quality, air temperature moderation, and remediation of poor air quality, both indoors and outdoors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading brand when it comes to both indoor and outdoor non-smart, smart, and full-smart living wall design, installation, and maintenance within Canada by using the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art technologies that lead to safe, creative, and environmentally friendly results.

Our Principals & Commitments

Our Ethical Principals

Higreenwall Inc. was founded on and continues to operate under the principles of honesty, transparency, integrity, excellence, and professionalism.

Our Commitments

We are committed to operating as a sustainable business, and providing "innovative" and "globally scalable" products and services. Also, we will continue to provide superior products and services to our clients, while offering several "job opportunities" to the Canadian community.
About Us

Our Expertise

If you’re interested to have a non-smart, smart, or full-smart living wall system at your property, our experienced and highly-trained staffs will help you to have a beautiful and functional vertical garden you envision.

If you are an architect or a builder of any residential and/or commercial properties, and you need a professional team for the design, installation, and maintenance of living walls for your projects, Higreen wall Inc. is prepared to help and guide you throughout the design & engineering, budgeting, formal estimating, project management, and property installation and maintenance of your living walls.


Our Team

Seyedarash Forough
CEO, Design & Engineering Manager

Arash, having Ph.D. degree in civil engineering and more than 20 years of work experiences, has been working since 2003 ...

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Ardeshir Adiban Nik
Marketing & Sales Manager

Ardeshir, having B.Sc. degree and around 23 years of work experiences, is an experienced manager with a demonstrated ...

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Hooman Khansari
Procurement & Executive Manager

Hooman, having M.Sc. degree in civil engineering and around 30 years of work experiences, is a professional specialist in the ...

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