Our "Design" services are to choose the right plant species, and to determine their pattern; while our "Engineering" services refer to several engineering tasks such as evaluating the bearing capacity of existing wall against the applied loads, and determining how to strengthen it, if necessary, as well as calculating the structural, electrical, and mechanical elements of the living wall, and preparing the required implementation drawings.

Our Design Services

We first provide you with a free consultation. During the consultation session, which may be face-to-face or online, we answer all your questions about our living wall systems, and anything else which is important for you to know before starting with us. Afterwards, we visit your project site, and collect any needed information to accomplish our services. For this purpose, we usually ask you some key questions about your project specifications, your expectations, your requests, and of course about any other issues which are important for you to be considered for your living wall system. Then, we advise you on choosing the right living wall system based on the special conditions of your project site as well as the best plant species considering the critical needs and requirements of each plant, and finalize with you an initial list of plant species to be used in your living wall system. Also, we show you some photos of our previous projects, so that you can give us a general vision about your idea on the plant arrangement pattern, size, color, texture, etc., that you would like to consider similarly on your living wall system. In the next step, our financial estimation team determine your project costs, and send you an official invoice. Once your payment is fully made, we start the design process, which is to prepare the final layout of your living wall system. It is worth mentioning that during the design process, we recheck everything with you until getting your approval on the final layout.

Our Design Schedule

1- Free Consultation: 1 Hour;

2- Free Site Visit: 1 Hour;

3- Cost Estimation: 2 Hours;

4- Layout Preparation: 1-2 Days.

Total Duration Of Design Services: 2-4 Days

Our Engineering Services

After finalizing the design process, we start our engineering services in which we calculate all the structural, electrical, and mechanical elements of your living wall system. We first evaluate the bearing capacity of your existing wall, based on the civil engineering principals, and check the loads applied to your existing wall due to the addition of a living wall on it. If the bearing capacity of your existing wall is good enough, then we will go through the above calculations directly. However, if your existing wall has an insufficient bearing capacity against the new applied loads, we first propose a procedure to strengthen your existing wall. Afterwards, we determine the details of your living wall structure (including the sub-structure, hydroponic skin, etc.), lighting system (including the lighting projectors only for the indoor projects having insufficient ambient lighting), irrigation & nutrition system (including the nutrition solution tank, electric valve(s), dosing pump, piping network and its drippers, etc. only for the smart and full-smart living wall systems), and smart system (including the smart controller connecting to the mobile phone App, etc. only for the smart and full-smart living wall systems). Finally, we prepare all the required implementation drawings based on the details resulted by the above calculations. Now, we can go through the procurement of all the needed raw materials and the plants species for your living wall, and your project is then ready to be installed by our installation team.

Our Engineering Schedule

1- Existing Wall Evaluation: 0.5-1 Day;

2- Structural Elements Calculations: 0.5-1 Day;

3- Electrical Elements Calculations: 0.5-1 Day;

4- Mechanical Elements Calculations: 0.5-1 Day.

Total Duration Of Engineering Services: 2-4 Days